Monday, 3 December 2012

Health Department Epoxy Flooring Requirements

Each state has its own Health Department specifications for food preparation areas. You will need to touch base with your local Health Department before starting your food preparation area to get approval for the materials and system you will use.

Your Health Department inspector will want a smooth, easy to clean surface which is continuous down your walls and curving on to your floor. Most departments want at least a 4 inch cove up the wall and with as small a lip at the top of your flooring as possible. The transition from the wall to the floor should have at least a ¼ inch concave curve but can be wider as needed. The floor and the cove should show no breaks and there should be no pockets for dirt to accumulate in. Epoxy is called for as a coating and most specifications do not call for a specific mil thickness. Be sure to read the code requirements, as many inspectors will ask for thickness that is more than specified and can become quite expensive. 100% solid epoxy floors usually go on at about 10 mils thick per coat while solvents or water based epoxies leave about 3 mil per coat.

Preparation is key to getting good value out of your floor. If done well your floor should last 10 or 12 years. However, if preparation problems occur your coating can be lifting and peeling in 6 months.

After preparation comes the exciting part which is making your walls and floor integrate together to encapsulate the surfaces with epoxy floor seal. For very rough surfaces with holes, craggy stone or cement, 100% epoxy may be needed. With a gloved hand mix the grout material to a peanut butter consistence. (About 4 to 1 with water) Press the grout into the corner where your wall meets your floor. Use a putty knife or paint stir stick to pack the grout into the corner making a 45 degree angle between the two with the grout. Next, pull your thumb or a curved tool along the grout to create a slight curve. Remove excess grout from above and below the new grout. You can do the same with the holes and cracks in your floor until the floor is basically level. Once the grout has been down for 30 minute to an hour use a broom to sweep off the excess. This brooming will help smooth it into shape and remove some of the grout crumbs that will be inevitable. Let the grout set for an hour or more depending on your schedule. Once the grout is dry enough that it can no longer be shaped by brooming then you can screen or brush your floor. Screening uses a 60 grit screen and a rotary scrubber to level the floor and remove excess material. A black pad or bristle brush could also be used. Sweep up the debris and then roll down your coatings. For a straight line above your cove apply at least 4 inch blue painters tape above the wall intersection with the floor. Be sure to pull the tape as you coat the area so the epoxy does not glue it to the wall and make it difficult to remove.

After your first coat cures re-apply grout to any areas that are not the shape you want them to be. You do not have to wait for the grout to fully dry. You can coat over the grout as soon as you wish without changing its shape with your roller and brush. For your second coat re-tape and screen the surface with a 60-grit screen before your second coat. Once screened be sure to sweep up all derbies that could get into your second coat. It often helps to vacuum the corners.

This is a two-coat process so don't be worried if you see your coating sinking out of sight or sagging on the first coat. Allow each coat to cure 15 hours.

Durall Industrial Flooring supplies kits of materials that are customized to owner specification and delivered directly to the job site. Kits include full directions and 24/7 help lines staffed by seasoned flooring experts, so professionals and amateurs alike can successfully install a quality floor.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mental Health Nurse Recruitment

If you are searching for the right career that best suits your lifestyle and personality then mental health nursing is an option worth considering. Mental health nurses provide treatment, care and support for patients that suffer from moderate to severe emotional, mental and psychological problems. It can be an incredibly rewarding career choice and you will learn plenty about not only other people but yourself. This specialist nursing in New Zealand also provides many opportunities for you to work in different environments. The health care system in New Zealand is of a high standard so you will have access to the equipment you need as well as being fully supported.As a mental health nurse there are several skills and attributes that you will gain and develop. This includes excellent nursing skills and knowledge of different nursing methods and theories. You will undergo an initial three year training period where you will learn the basics of nursing in New Zealand and you will develop the skills you need to be an excellent nurse. You will gain knowledge of different diseases and illnesses and how the human body works and you will also learn about different medicines and treatments and the effects they have on patients.Specialising in mental health will require you to gain knowledge of psychiatric disorders and you will also gain knowledge on counselling and therapy techniques. You will also need to have a thorough understanding of the Mental Health Act and other relevant legislation. There are also several basic skills that are necessary in order to become a competent nurse and these include good oral and written communication skills, good listening skills and excellent organisational and decision-making skills. You will also have the resources available to you in order to maintain and keep up to date with medical trends and nursing practices in this field.It can be a rewarding career choice in New Zealand and mental health nursing recruitment will help you discover if it is the right decision for you. As a health care professional there are several personal attributes that are very important. Patience is one key attribute as some of the situations you will find yourself in can be frustrating and demanding. You also need to be concerned for and able to build relationships with others. You need to be mature and responsible and able to work well under pressure. You will find yourself dealing with people from a range of different backgrounds and cultures and you need to be capable in handling these situations appropriately.
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